Protect your underwater assets

Industry leaders in foul-release coating systems

Foul-release coating for all underwater metals

More speed, less fuel™

Keep your running gear and any other underwater metals free of marine growth and protected against corrosion with Propspeed.

Propspeed, the original and best performing foul-release coating in the industry, has been tried and tested around the world for over 21 years, consistently delivering customers the same result – improved boat performance, lower fuel and operational costs, sustained value of their investment, all while keeping the vessel’s running gear looking its best.

  • All-in-one protection
    Defense against marine growth and corrosion for all underwater metal assets.
  • Superior adhesion to metal
    Strong long-lasting adhesion to metals is what makes Propspeed unparalleled to other products on the market.
  • Multi-season
    Long-lasting solution that, when applied and maintained correctly, protects underwater metal assets for 12-24 months.
  • Biocide free
    Foul-release, not antifoul. Foul-release coatings use physical means to reduce fouling, creating a surface that’s tough for marine organisms to adhere to.
  • High performance system
    Specialised coating technology: the original and still the best foul-release system trusted globally for over 21 years.


The best running gear coating on the market, recognised as the most effective solution to prevent marine growth and protect underwater assets.

Large Kit

The Large Kit has been created specifically for the marine trade professional. This kit will coat a surface of 3.4m2 / 36.6ft2.

Medium Kit

The Medium Kit contains everything needed for a single screw vessel under 40ft. This kit will coat a surface of 1.7m2 / 18.3ft2.

Small Kit

The Small Kit contains everything you need to coat a saildrive or small propeller. This kit will coat a surface of 0.7m2 / 7.5ft2.

Propspeed vs No Propspeed
Propspeed Application Demonstration
Propspeed Foul-release coating for all underwater Metals
Propspeed Foul-release coating for Transducers

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