Marine Generators for Boats and Yachts

The ideal choice for professional energy systems


Fischer Panda marine generators are the ideal choice for professional sailing and boating. Fischer Panda marine generators are compact, light, quiet and very efficient. The generatoring set is housed within a sound insulated capsule which shields against operational noise and vibration. When correctly installed they will operate practically unnoticed.

A quiet generator is of upmost importance when pleasure cruising. Fischer Panda marine generators are so compactly constructed that they require only the minimal space onboard. As petrol is not suitable for marine uses, all Fischer Panda marine generators are driven by diesel engines from manufacturers such as Farymann, Kubota and Mercedes Benz.

As Fischer Panda offers 100% water-cooling (for both the diesel engine and generator) , the generators are noticebaly small in design. This is becuase they do not require the surrounding air for cooling.

Another major advantage of the Fischer Panda generator is that operation with 3000 rpm is possible with reduced the operation lifetime. This also results in reduced dimensions.

All Fischer Panda generators are renowned for being: compact, light, and quiet


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