MG Energy Systems

“Contributing to a sustainable future”


MG Energy Systems B.V. is the result of two study mates (Mark & Gerard) deciding to participate in a solar boat race. When creating a solar boat they discovered the absence of a good BMS (Battery Management System). These systems regulate the voltage, current and temperature of the lithium-Ion batteries. In order to create the best solar boat, they decided to take matters into their own hands and built their own BMS. “From boat to business”. In 2009 the company MG Energy Systems was created, where the innovative ideas were translated into commercial high-end products.

MG Maritime Batteries

The roots of MG Energy Systems lay in the marine business. Thanks to this emphasis, the MG products are the perfect fit for many purposes in this market. MG offers comprehensive solutions for the marine industry. MG lithium-ion battery systems are used for propulsion, hotel load, UPS, and emergency backup systems in a wide range of projects. MG is a known brand in commercial marine vessels, water taxis, recreational boats and large private yachts.
The solutions are designed to cater various marine setups. With a focus on electric and hybrid propulsion, critical ship UPS and house power requirements, MG Energy Systems ensures reliable and efficient performance in demanding marine environments.


Energy Supply for Vehicles


The MG lithium-ion batteries provide benefits ranging from high energy density and capacity for extended operating hours to reliable and quiet sources of energy for off-grid usage. These batteries enable businesses and organizations to offer seamless and efficient services on the move. As the world continues to embrace mobility and innovation, lithium-ion batteries are the perfect solution for a wide array of mobile ventures.





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